«Founded in Buenos Aires in 2004
by Natalia Hossni and Luciano Abitboul, Døma sets out to seamlessly blend the timelessness traditional craftsmanship
of leather through the vision of the modern design of the day-to-day woman.

Initially, Døma was a unique leather brand that only sold leather jackets and became one of the first brands to sell internationally to stores like Saks, Bloomingdales and Barneys in the US and in other countries like Japan, London, Australia and Latin America

In 2014 Natalia’s love for fashion pushed her to became the creative director and rebrand the line by stepping out of the classic leather jacket and designing other staple pieces in order to fulfill the everyday needs of the classic, modern, chic woman.

DØMA stands out by using high end materials with a unique color palette developed exclusively for each collection, clear, modern and highlighting the value of leather craftsmanship.

Each piece of the collection is designed in such a way to coexists with the rest, with its minimalist, and delicate lines, in harmony with the lifestyle of each individual.